Neopost DS-75 Folder Inserter

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The Neopost DS-75 is capable of processing 3,600 documents per hour, a task that would normally take over 36 hours to do by hand.

Whether you’re sending cheques, remittance advice, invoices, statements, letters or multi-sheet direct mailings, the DS-75 Folder Inserter has the flexibility to process a wide variety of mailing applications, saving you valuable time and resources.

The DS-75’s unique ‘feeder linking’ feature allows non-stop operation. When one feeder tray is empty, the DS-75 will continue running from the next feeder whilst the other is being reloaded. With a total capacity of up to 1050 inserts, the DS-75 makes light work of reloading.

The design of the feeder hoppers makes it easy to load large stacks of documents, and unlike other folder inserters, there is no need to pre-fan the documents.

The DS-75 Folder Inserter has the flexibility to handle both A5 & A4 sizes, various paper qualities and with the hand-feed option you can process up to 10 A4 documents in a single fold, stapled or unstapled.

This machine is easy to use and understand, with simple automatic job settings and a colour touch screen, making it very operator friendly. The Fill ‘n Start program enables you to simply load the documents and envelopes and press start. The DS-75 will adjust all settings automatically and even store them in the memory for future recall, keeping operator training to a minimum.

  • Extremely fast folding and inserting
  • Inserts up to 10 folder documents into 1 envelope
  • Can handle varying pages and inserts
  • Easy to use with large full colour touch screen
  • Compatible with DL and C5 envelopes
  • Incoporates flexible feeders to handle just about any type of insert including A4, A5, Leaflets and postcards.
  • High capacity feeder providing continuous output
  • High capacity vertical stacker
  • Fill ‘n’ Start option makes it easy for anyone to use
  • Collates and neatly folds items together before inserting them into the envelopes
  • Thickness protection to protect against double feeding
Speed processes up to 3,600 inserts per hour
Feeders 2 sheet feeder and 1 insert feeder
Operation Full colour touch screen
Fold types Letter, zig zag, single, double parallel, no fold

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