Mailroom Equipment – Folder Inserter Machines

Totalpost offers a comprehensive range of folder inserter / paper folding machines designed for any office type, large or small.  Paper folding machines, also known as folder inserters, save you time and money by making the process more cost effective and efficient.

If you have high volumes of mail requiring multiple documents inserted, such as an invoice or statement run, our folding and inserting machines can dramatically reduce the time required, and they ensure accuracy throughout.

These machines are easy to use; simply load your documents and your envelopes, press go and the documents will be efficiently folded and inserted into the envelopes ready for mail out. We stock a broad range of folder inserter machines, a selection of which are detailed below.

To discuss the various options for a Folder Inserter Machine or to enquire about machinary maintenance contact us on Tel: 0845 4900360 or email

Neopost DS35 Folder Inserter

The Neopost DS35 has the ability to process up to 1,350 items of mail an hour; that’s more than 13 times faster than a member of staff can do it.

Neopost DS-75 Folder Inserter

The Neopost DS-75 is capable of processing 3,600 documents per hour, a task that would normally take over 36 hours to do by hand.

Neopost DS-90 Folder Inserter

A large machine designed to handle a high output of mail, the DS-90 Folder Inserter features many unique features to increase efficiency and professionalism.