Investing In Letter Opening Machines

Letter opening machines, although a product many wouldn’t often associate with, are used by many companies throughout various industries as they are deemed to be essential in keeping this important business task constant and moving at a productive speed. A letter opening machine does exactly what the name implies, where mail is inserted into the machine before being fed through the process and eventually having a slit open on the envelope and deposited into another tray.

The aim of these machines is to drastically reduce the time taken to open envelopes, these machines complete the process in a fraction of the time it would take to do so by hand; for example Totalpost’s T6050 Letter Opening Machine can open up to 32,000 envelopes per hour. This provides the strong inference that using one of these machines can prove beneficial for other aspects of any company. With less time devoted to opening envelopes and more time spent elsewhere implies a significant increase in productivity overall. Another positive contribution that can be assessed as a result of using a Letter Opening Machines refer to the saving of costs. There would be no need for Labour to process the handling of the mail and using various plastic or metal letter openers become obsolete, these saving therefore can be reimbursed back into the company.

There are however various technical factors that need to be addressed should your company invest in such a machine. With the assistance of an attendant, the mail should be sorted by size and the weight should be addressed also. This can of course be avoided should a company wish to invest further there are more highly technical machines that can do this automatically. It is often found that Letter Opening Machines have various sizes and adaptations from smaller tabletop models to larger free standing machines.

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