Investing In Letter Opening Machines


Rapid processing and distribution of incoming mail is important for mailroom efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In today’s market, opening the post each day by hand is slow and cumbersome and can eat up valuable time from your working day.

It can also mean delays in processing cheques, sales orders, customer enquiries or even complaints impacting on the productivity, profitability and reputation of the business.

At Totalpost we supply a broad range of automatic letter opening machines operating at speeds of 300 letters up to 2,400 letters per minute.

With the mail opening range including “rapid extraction desks” this allows a “one touch” opening, content extraction and macro sorting in one operation which has proved in many trials to be quicker and more efficient when compared to conventional openers – saving you time, space and therefore running costs in the mailroom. With document scanning as an integral part of mailroom processing this is another area where we can also provide solutions, thus adding to the overall mail opening efficiency.

This all means that mail can reach the recipient quicker and cheques can be banked the same day – so onwards processing and response can start without delay.

However, at Totalpost, we understand that no two mailrooms are the same and with over forty years’ experience with mailrooms we have a solution for every organisation, large or small.

Should you wish to enquire further about Letter Opening Machines which Totalpost have on offer; phone 0845 4900 360 or email

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