Inserting Machines

Mailcrafters 9800 High Speed Inserter

Justly described as “the workhorses” of the mailing industry, the Mailcrafters 9800 automatically collate, insert, seal and output mail pieces onto a standard conveyor or one of our larger capacity output modules with consistent accuracy at high speeds.

This is largely due to an innovative Totapost, wiring and vacuum control system that ensures reliable operation over a wide range of insert formats and weights of paper, together with other media. Various specialist material feeders can be simply fitted and used.

Available with a variety of output configurations and designed for simple set-up without the need for special tools, its reliability has been proven over many years in installations around the world. The 9800 range is a durable, high-speed production unit that is easy to operate and maintain, flexible, consistent and provides an unbeatable combination of price and performance for both the specialist mailing house and the busy, in-house mailing department.





The 1200CX is a high performance inserter designed to handle larger envelopes as well as C5 and DL. PLC controlled and with full self-diagnostic capability, the 1200CX combines the reliability of Mailcrafter’s well-proven design with state-of-the-art electronics fitted by Totalpost that monitors and accurately controls all machine functions for increased performance and greater reliability. Ease of use and low maintenance are key features of a Totalpost inserting system that can be relied on for years of trouble-free operation. A wide range of options can be fitted to add extra scope and productivity to the system.



Our custom built inserting machine experts can talk you through the various options to help you obtain the right machine for your business. To find out more contact Nick Geary on Tel: 0845 4900 360 or via email at