Go Paperless With Document Management

A Document Management Solution should be considered if any of the below applies to you and your organisation

Have you been thinking about going paperless?

Do you need to save money and increase efficiency?

Do you need to free up valuable space that is taken up with physical archived documents?

Do you need to manage and audit your document trail more closely or do you find auditing difficult and time consuming?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions our document management solution may be the answer you have been looking for.

Doc mngt pic lrg

We provide a variety of solutions to manage both physical and digital communications coming in or going out of your organisation. Our solutions increase productivity, drive efficiencies and ultimately offer a compelling ROI.

Customers say:

“We have been able to improve the look of our financial documentation; process customer documents faster and in a more efficient manner. We have also been able to answer our customer queries more quickly”

“The entire process per cheque from opening to validation takes 50% of the previous time”

Our solutions will enable your organisation to:

  • Archive digitally in line with future HMRC requirements
  • Digitise mail and documents for easy storage, distribution, processing and retrieval
  • Extract key data from items automatically
  • Automate digital delivery of outgoing mail
  • Securely automate processing of outbound physical mail
  • Access documents from remote locations over mobile devices or computers

The benefits?

  • Lower operational costs due to reduced manual processes
  • Retrieve documents instantly
  • Quicker processing of payments/cheques
  • Minimise document storage costs by switching to digital
  • Lower cost of meeting requirements of compliance regulations and audits


Our Document Management experts can talk you through the various options to help you find the right paperless route for your business. To find out more contact us on Tel: 0845 4900360 or by email: sales@totalpost.com