Reasons to choose a Mailmark Franking Machine

Royal Mail has invested millions in new technology and has worked together with partners in the mailing industry to bring you the next generation of mail. Mailmark barcodes provide an extra dimension of information: Where mail is and when it’s going out for delivery. Accurate predictions of mail landing allow flexing of resource in your contact […]

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Investing In Letter Opening Machines

Letter opening machines, although a product many wouldn’t often associate with, are used by many companies throughout various industries as they are deemed to be essential in keeping this important business task constant and moving at a productive speed. A letter opening machine does exactly what the name implies, where mail is inserted into the […]

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Can you locate these banned items in airport hand luggage?

Next time you feel a hint of irritation waiting to be safety checked, spare a thought for the employees who have to decipher every item in your bag though an X-ray machine. We have revealed five pieces of luggage that each contain a contraband item, including guns, knives and aerosol cans. The first picture in each pair shows a […]

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David Hymers attends UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Penrith event

  As an “export Champion” for UKTI North West, David, Managing Director of Totalpost Mailing Ltd. is one of some 60 others representing successful exporters in NW England and is often asked to give talks to first time exporters or those wishing to grow their business exports, by providing examples of how Totalpost grew to some […]

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Royal Mail rate changes for franking machine users as of 29th March 2016

Royal Mail has recently published their 2016 pricing for franking which becomes effective on Tuesday 29th March 2016. This will increase the prices of products bought through a franking machine. Prices for sending a 1st Class Letter will start from 52p and a 2nd Class Letter from 39p. Franking continues to offer great value for […]

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CEIA EMIS–MAIL, Letter Bomb and IED Detector for Mail & Parcel Inspection

The EMIS-MAIL is designed to detect a wide variety of metal threat items including detonators, batteries, trigger circuits and other metal components of parcel bombs without false alarms for non-threat items such as metal staples, paper clips and metal binding spirals. The EMIS-MAIL is very easy to use and provides a fast and automatic alarm/no […]

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How to change the print head on a Pitney Bowes DM100 Franking Machine

The print head on a Pitney Bowes franking machine is a consumable item which needs replacing from time to time. Below is a step by step how-to video showing how to change the franking machine print head: If you have any further queries after watching the video please call our mailroom experts on Tel: 0845 […]

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How to change a Pitney Bowes DM100 Franking Machine cartridge

A common query that we often get asked is “How do you actually change a Pitney Bowes DM100 Franking Machine cartridge?” Here is a quick and simple video guide showing exactly how to change the cartridge. If you have any further queries after watching the video please call our mailroom experts on Tel: 0845 4900 […]

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The Queen’s Award Office Interview with David Hymers of Totalpost

David Hymers, Managing Director of Totalpost Services Plc was interviewed by the Queen’s Award Office about Totalpost’s achievement of winning a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade; The impact it has had on the business, and; The advice that he would give to others who are thinking of applying for the awards.  The full […]

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