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Franked mail hints and tips

  Preparing franked mail for postage –  This may seem like a simple process but from our mailroom audits we’ve found that many franking machine users over pay on postage simply by packaging items incorrectly or assigning the wrong level of postage.  Fold post where possible – Sometimes simply folding a letter and placing it […]

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Franking machine cartridges tested for quality

Cost effective, British made, compatible franking machine cartridges that don’t compromise on quality. Yes they do exist… As the largest British compatible manufacturer and distributor offering the broadest range of cartrid ges we pride ourselves on providing product that is fully tested to extremely high standards. Our growth, repeat custom and international success are testament […]

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Compatible and remanufactured franking machine cartridges FAQ

What is the difference between remanufactured and genuine franking machine cartridge inks? Totalpost’s compatible and remanufactured franking machine cartridges are manufactured, assembled and distributed at our factory in Cumbria. Our ink (both red and blue) has been fully tested and approved by Royal Mail. Our cartridges provide the same number of impressions as an Original Equipment […]

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What is Dual-View X-Ray security screening?

Dual-View technology is used within many modern X-Ray security screening machines. The Dual-View provides security screening personnel with the ability to see 2 views from scanning the object just once. That’s because 2 views from different angles (usually from the top and the side) are taken as the object passes through the X-Ray security screening […]

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X-Ray Security Screening for Prisons

Security screening is an obvious requirement for prisons. Utilising high levels of X-Ray security screening equipment can greatly enhance searches and speed up the time they take. However, the space available for X-Ray screening technology is often limited and in the past this has been an issue for deploying the best technology available. Prisons have […]

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What is a franking machine?

A franking machine is a simple and cost effective way for businesses to handle their own post. A franking machine allows businesses to accurately weigh their own mail and frank the item of postage. It’s an easy way to pay for and handle your own postage. To frank mail means to pay for it. So […]

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