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Why do you still use Stamps?

How Much Cheaper Is Franked Mail Compared To Stamps? The simple answer is that franked mail is much cheaper than stamps. However, how much cheaper depends on what you’re sending. The greatest savings come from sending a 2nd class letter, which saves you £0.15 or 30% for each letter you send. At the other end […]

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Investing in Mailroom Equipment proven to Increase Profitability

The mailroom is the hub of every business and is often overlooked. If you do not supply your mailroom with the appropriate equipment, your employees’ knowledge of how to use the equipment to its full efficiency is limited. To maintain a high level of productivity and service the mailroom should be given due consideration to enhance […]

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Reasons to choose a Mailmark Franking Machine

Royal Mail has invested millions in new technology and has worked together with partners in the mailing industry to bring you the next generation of mail. Mailmark barcodes provide an extra dimension of information: Where mail is and when it’s going out for delivery. Accurate predictions of mail landing allow flexing of resource in your contact […]

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Investing In Letter Opening Machines

Letter opening machines, although a product many wouldn’t often associate with, are used by many companies throughout various industries as they are deemed to be essential in keeping this important business task constant and moving at a productive speed. A letter opening machine does exactly what the name implies, where mail is inserted into the […]

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Six Benefits of Using a Franking Machine

1. Postal Discounts from Royal Mail Royal Mail has dramatically increased the discounts on franked mail over the past years. This is because, for Royal Mail, handling franked items is a lot cheaper than issuing stamps and processing stamped mail. In order to encourage more businesses to use franking machines, Royal Mail offers bigger discounts […]

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David Hymers attends UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Penrith event

  As an “export Champion” for UKTI North West, David, Managing Director of Totalpost Mailing Ltd. is one of some 60 others representing successful exporters in NW England and is often asked to give talks to first time exporters or those wishing to grow their business exports, by providing examples of how Totalpost grew to some […]

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How Managing Incoming Mail Can Help Save Your Company Money

Communications is an aspect of a company that is more often than not ignored or overlooked but surprisingly can contribute significant savings on costs for you and your company. If a company were to make the appropriate and suitable investment regarding potential technologies or services, for example the scanning of documents or mail, they have the […]

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Royal Mail Rates have changed as of 29th March 2016

Royal Mail rates have changed as of 29th March 2016, please see for all the latest information. Below, we show the benefits of moving from a typical franking machine, to a Mailmark franking machine Why move to Mailmark? Summary of Discounts for Mailmark Franking Machine Users: 18p difference on every 2nd Class Letter compared to stamped […]

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New Royal Mail Prices from 6 April 2010

Royal Mail have announced that new prices for Royal Mail products and services will come into effect on Tuesday 6th April 2010. The following services are affected: • 1st Class Letters, Large Letters and Packets (Stamped mail only) • 2nd Class Letters, Large Letters and Packets (Stamped mail only) • Recorded Delivery (Signed for) • […]

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Products affected by April 2010 Royal Mail price changes

Royal Mail have announced that new prices for Royal Mail products and services will come into effect on Tuesday 6th April 2010. The following postal scales are affected: • TP2000 • Avery D2000 • T-Series T2 • T-Series T3 • T-Series T6 • T-Series T10 • T-Series T12 • T-Series T30 • T-Series T6P • T-Series T12P • T-Series T50 […]

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