Benefits of Document Scanning for your business?

What are the benefits of Document Scanning for you and your business?  There is an ongoing issue throughout a vast array of businesses where managing paper documents simply becomes a nuisance, as all time, money and space is lost in doing so. At Totalpost Mailing Ltd, we provide a service to our clients that ensures a […]

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What is a Remanufactured Ink Cartridge?

Totalpost has been remanufacturing franking machine ink consumables in bulk to the highest quality, for more than six years to leading markets worldwide. “Cartridge remanufacturing is the industrial process whereby spent inkjet or toner cartridges are disassembled and cleaned, refilled, then engineered to become ‘as new’, and then are re-marketed” – Bruce Lenton, Production & Compliance […]

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Remanufactured and Compatible Franking Machine Cartridges FAQ

What is the difference between remanufactured and genuine franking machine cartridge inks? Totalpost’s compatible and remanufactured franking machine cartridges are manufactured, assembled and distributed at our factory in Cumbria.  Our ink (both red and blue) has been fully tested and approved by Royal Mail. Our cartridges provide the same number of impressions as an Original […]

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Threat Concerns but no space for an X-Ray machine?

Businesses all over the world face the daily threat of ‘suspicious’ packages entering the building causing a threat to staff and products, but not everyone has the funds or space to splash out on or store an X-Ray Machine. Totalpost can work around this drawback for those smaller companies and offer you the new EMIS-MAIL. It has been designed to detect hidden […]

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Is the security of your employees important to you?

The threats which can come from postal items mean that companies face new risks every day at any time. For your protection Totalpost’s mailroom security equipment can offer you a well-proven solution which checks your incoming post for dangerous objects. Both economic and also political events can lead to an unexpected threat for companies and people. […]

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New products – Metal Detection, Radiation Detection and Mail Screening

Following demand from customers we have launched a suite of exciting new security screening products. We have partnered with leading security screening device manufacturer CEIA who have developed the best technology on the market. We are now able to provide three levels of Walk Through Metal Detection ranging from the CEIA Classic through to the […]

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Ask Our Print and Mailroom Experts

CUT PAPER WASTE Question: It’s been brought to my attention by my office manager that our waste paper recycling costs have gone up by 25% in the last six months. We have had an account review with our recycling contractor and it has come to light that our waste paper volume has gone up. Is […]

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My Pitney Bowes franking machine isn’t printing properly – expert advice from Totalpost

Problem 1: usually my franking machine prints nice solid print but recently it has started to leave gaps in the print Problem 2: my franking machine is situated on the desktop as normal but the print is coming out jittery. Solution = the franking machine printhead needs testing and / or replacing. Lifting the myth […]

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