An eagle-eyed compliance manager from Totalpost aims for success

Compliance Manager for Totalpost, one of the UK’s leading mailroom solutions providers proved his sharpshooting credentials this month in the World Benchrest shooting championships.

Bruce Lenton, 32, from Totalpost’s Cumbria office proved himself the UK team’s second best rifle shot after a four-day tournament which saw him competing at 100 and 200 yards.

The event, held in France, attracted 160 of the world’s top rifle marksmen from more than 30 countries. Bruce finished the competition in 29th place overall.

Bruce, from Allendale in Northumberland, has been competing in rifle events for over 20 years and trains weekly. He attended his first competition whilst at primary school in South West Scotland, and this year was his first world championship.

“It was truly a shock. I’d have been happy to be placed in the top half, or even the top quarter, but to be in the top 30 is just amazing.”

Bruce explained,

“Rifles are usually custom-made for the shooter. The ammunition needs to be carefully crafted for each person to suit both their rifle and their shooting style. It can be a very expensive hobby, but also very rewarding for those who have the time and patience to compete.”

Benchrest shooting is a globally accepted sport requiring the highest possible accuracy. Competitive shooters gather every two years from all around the globe to compete in the world championships.

Bruce will be continuing his training throughout the next twelve months in preparation for next year’s European Benchrest Shooting Championship in Italy.

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