April, 2018

Remanufactured vs. Refilled Cartridge

Remanufactured Totalpost Mailing Ltd remanufactured cartridges utilising the latest technology, components and logistics are now more sophisticated than ever.  The term ‘remanufactured’ only applies to ink cartridges that are genuine ‘originals’ to begin with.  Totalpost carry out a stringent section process to ensure only selected ‘originals’ that have never been refilled or previously remanufactured are […]

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How Managing Incoming Mail Can Help Save Your Company Money

Communications is an aspect of a company that is more often than not ignored or overlooked but surprisingly can contribute significant savings on costs for you and your company. If a company were to make the appropriate and suitable investment regarding potential technologies or services, for example the scanning of documents or mail, they have the […]

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Ask Our Print and Mailroom Experts

CUT PAPER WASTE Question: It’s been brought to my attention by my office manager that our waste paper recycling costs have gone up by 25% in the last six months. We have had an account review with our recycling contractor and it has come to light that our waste paper volume has gone up. Is […]

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What is a returned mail handling service?

Returned mail is mail that does not reach the recipient and is returned to the sender. If returned mail isn’t dealt with properly, the sender company is effectively wasting paper and resources, failing to update data and causing damage to their reputation as home owners continue to receive the wrong mail. On average when a […]

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