April, 2015

Totalpost installs X-Ray screening into Manchester Airport

One of Manchester Airport’s largest freight handling companies has purchased a large scale dual-view X-Ray security screening machine and an explosive threat detection device from us for their freight screening operation. Manchester Airport purchased an Astrophysics XIS-1818 200KV X-Ray security screening device for their Manchester warehouse. This large machine has extended tunnel dimensions of 180.3 […]

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Ask Our Print and Mailroom Experts

CUT PAPER WASTE Question: It’s been brought to my attention by my office manager that our waste paper recycling costs have gone up by 25% in the last six months. We have had an account review with our recycling contractor and it has come to light that our waste paper volume has gone up. Is […]

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Totalpost Helps Public Sector Make Great Efficiencies

Totalpost is helping public sector clients save money and make efficiencies by changing the way in which they deal with documents.We look at the way documents are handled from document conception right through to print and mailing and seek out ways to help make savings. This can be through automation, changing printing habits, going paperless […]

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Totalpost Supports CTX and FEE with Entrance Security

Totalpost will once again be providing all of the entrance security for the Counter Terror Expo (CTX) and the Forensics Expo Europe (FEE) which are co-located at Olympia, London on the 21st and 22nd April 2015. Additionally, Totalpost is taking a large 48 square metre stand in a prominent position at the Counter Terror Show […]

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